That CERN is also a “city” inside the city of Geneva? CERN attracts scientist, researchers, and students from across the world who, besides being a source of inspiration and a strong driver of technology and innovation, run a gigantic complex of particle accelerators to explore the frontiers of fundamental research. Talking about accelerators, accelerating is in our DNA - be it fundamental particles or fundamental innovation to make our planet more sustainable.

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The Green Village is a visionary initiative linking CERN’s sustainability roadmap with industrial solutions for sustainability and the talent of young innovators. We have a commitment to become a role model for environmentally responsible research and set out firm objectives for environmental stewardship.

The CERN Green Village Initiative offers a unique setting, a city within a city, to test and scale up early-stage innovation on site and share technologies and know-how, contributing to Europe’s Green Economy.



CERN’s Site and Civil Engineering (SCE) Department manages and develops CERN real estate assets and infrastructure in line with CERN’s scientific strategy as well as all of the services related to the operation and maintenance of the CERN site. SCE embraces CERN’s sustainability commitments and translates them into challenges to be addressed by solutions deployed on site. SCE’s vision is to create an inspiring and welcoming environment for CERN’s scientific community now and in the future.


IdeaSquare is a facility at CERN educating and training young innovators to address problems linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. IdeaSquare is the innovation space at CERN that uses collaborative methodologies, access to CERN expertise and cross-connectivity to create solutions for the future of humankind. It is a place where people have the license to dream. More than 1,200 students and 200 related societal challenge-driven projects have interacted at IdeaSquare so far.



Smart Energy, Green Mobility, pollution and waste prevention and management, indoor environmental quality, urban analytics and data solutions for space/land management, light and noise pollution abatement, wearable sensors, mobile applications, biodiversity conservation and big data analysis to reduce our carbon footprint... Could your technology or innovative solutions solve these sustainability challenges and make our campus a more sustainable place? We are not looking for off the shelf solutions that are already available today. What we are looking for is early-stage technologies, which can make a disruptive difference in the future. We set ourselves the target to accelerate sustainability and help to promote green technologies - we are open to collaboration!



At CERN we have the autonomy, agility and flexibility to test new technologies. As a user facility for people and equipment, we have multiple types of buildings, from offices to hostels and restaurants and chemical, mechanical, and technical laboratories, large and small. CERN is a city inside a city with thousands of office spaces, 30 kilometers of roads, 70 kilometers of tunnels and underground scientific facilities, 1000 km of service galleries and hundreds of hectares of green space and more than 5000 parking places. We are a campus of about 8000 students, scientists and professionals from universities and scientific/technological institutes around the world, visited by more than 150 000 visitors per year including politicians and decision makers. We are more than a place for fundamental science. CERN is a place where history is being written. Come and discover how you could write your story at CERN.




From established companies, large and small, to start ups, academic institutions, research infrastructure, associations... We are open to everyone and appreciate the diversity of our partners and their solutions.



  • Access to CERN's campus as a testbed for developing and testing sustainable solutions
  • Agility in implementation in a self-governed entity with a can-do attitude
  • Access to CERN's vast technology knowledgebase and receive rapid and tangible feedback
  • Scientific and technical collaboration with CERN's expert personnel
  • Students, researchers, and innovators with the capacity to apply your ideas in different contexts, in turn helping you to increase their scope and scalability
  • Partnerships for collaborative programs and projects proposals
  • Showcase your solution to top-tier decision makers, influential politicians, and professionals regularly visiting the CERN site




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Discover students projects at IdeaSquare connecting to SGD goals.

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