Video surveillance and access control

CERN has video surveillance cameras and access data that contribute to the security of people and property on its domain. 

You can request a video extraction and access data: 

  • to consult your own data
  • to investigate the cause of a breach of a CERN circular or regulation
  • to investigate the cause of an accident or infringement


In accordance with Administrative Circular No. 10 on the protection of personal data, which must remain confidential, the Security Service will decide whether a copy of the data can be given to you or under what conditions. 

You can request a video extraction and access data by filling out this form: 

Request for video extraction


Drone flight over the CERN domain

As the CERN site is located in an urban area and near an airport, the use of drones must be requested by contacting the Security Service:


Security in business travel

If you have to travel to a high-risk country or area for business purposes, please contact the Security Service before your departure:


General study on safety

The Security Service is responsible for risk analysis and evaluation of the level of security before the construction of new buildings, for example.