Opening hours

Shipping Import and Export

Bldg. 73-1-013
8:00 - 12:00
13:30 - 17:00
Fax: + 41 22 767 8540


Shipment from Meyrin / Prévessin 73701 - 74002
For arrival Meyrin / Prévessin 73701 - 75989
For goods reception Meyrin 73751 - 76390
For goods reception Prévessin 75657 - 75658
For shipment of dangerous goods  73312



Exemption of VAT

Form A/OI - Degrevement à la source

Deliveries to CERN Meyrin or CERN Prevessin



Customs Formalities

Equipment belonging to or being sent to CERN

The Import-Export service of SMB Department is solely authorised to import/export goods to or from the Organization. Goods reception, shipment and customs clearance formalities must be done on the Meyrin site (Bldg. 73-1-013). Prevessin site (Bldg. 904-R-001) deals only with the reception and delivery of goods.

Equipment belonging to contractors / firms

For all customs formalities, contractors are invited to contact:

  • one of the customs clearance agents at the Meyrin RN-84 border crossing: two firms are available:
    • Gondrand Frères - Rue de Geneve BP - F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire - Tel.
    • Mueller & Cie - Rue de Genève - F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire - Tel.
  • the Inspecteur des douanes françaises, office of Ferney-Voltaire - Tel.
  • the Chef des postes des douanes suisses, office of Ferney-Voltaire - Tel. 022.717.02.80.



The following link directs to the page that should be used as a guideline when drawing up orders and contracts. You will also find information concerning document 151. This document however cannot answer all questions/problems that arise, and therefore in case of any doubt, it is recommended that you consult the Shipping and Logistics Service before sending the order/contract.