Departmental Roles

Roles Contact name Deputy contact
Assistant to the Department Head (ADH) Emeline Dolmazon Sevda Budun
Coordinator non-staff requests (GRAD, TECH, TEMC, etc) Emeline Weymaere  
Data Protection Officer (DPPC) Gyorgy Balazs  
Departmental Administrative Officer (DAO) Sevda Budun Emeline Dolmazon
Departmental Planning Officer (DPO) Emeline Weymaere Sevda Budun
Departmental Safety Officer (DSO) Marc Vadon David Challoin
Departmental Space Manager (DSM) Cecile Pinto Isabelle Cusato
Departmental Training Officer (DTO) Cecile Pinto Maria Llorente
Departmental Records Officer (DRO) Sevda Budun Emeline Dolmazon
Departmental Computing Security Officer Gyorgy Balazs  
Departmental Inventory Manager (DIM) Maria Llorente  
Departmental Travel Manager (DTM) Isabel Cusato Christine Alliod
Departmental Keys Manager (DKM) Cecile Pinto Chrsitine Alliod
Departmental Car Fleet Coordinator Cecile Pinto Sevda Budun
Diversity & Inclusion Officer (DIO) Emeline Weymaere  
Flammable Gas Safety Officer (FGSO) Gabriel Genamy  
GAO SCE-DOD Maria Llorente
GAO SCE-PPM Maria Llorente
GAO SCE-SAM Christine Alliod
GAO SCE-SMS Isabelle Cusato
GAO SCE-SSC Isabelle Cusato
Human Resources Adviser (HRA) Lieven Vernimmen Muriel Colson
HR Coordinator  Lenka Thomas Bajbarova  
Human Resources Officer (HRO) Emeline Weymaere Emeline Dolmazon
MERIT Coordinator  Isabel Fernandez  Sevda Budun
Organiser SCE Technical Seminars Cecile Pinto  
Radiation Safety Officer  Marc Vadon Sylvain Chaigneau, Elsa Clerc