CERN Geographic Information System (GIS)

The various GIS portals provide a rich set of geographic information to all CERN users.

These, from simple searches for buildings, premises and other points of interest to more professional applications concerning CERN's infrastructure and equipment.

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map CERN

Map CERN is a public website dedicated to visitors or any CERN user looking for a building, a room or main services like transport, health and safety or Passport Big Bang routes.

This website has routing capabilities and can display a 3D view of CERN Campus.

MapCERN is available as well on mobile with an offline application.

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Gis portal

GIS Portal is a professional website with access restricted to CERN Nice account users.

There you will find all Geographic information and data available on building, infrastructure and equipment.

It gives access to several Portals customized for various trades (racks, IT equipment, machine, or secured editing portals).


Planotheque is a specific GISPortal (access restricted to Nice accounts).

It displays individual floor maps (indoor) of all CERN buildings and underground infrastructure.

From there you can print or export any plan in dwg or eps format.

CERN in 3D is a website restricted to CERN Nice accounts

cern in 3D

CERN in 3D is a website restricted to CERN Nice account users. It shows a 3D scene of CERN Campus and sites.

Textured meshes or buildings in CAD are available as well as the underground infrastructure and Lidar point clouds.

There are as well tools for 3D measurement, slicing, shadowing, altitude profile and line of sight capabilities.

3D Sketchy views

3D Sketchy views is a website restricted to CERN Nice account users. It provides various stylised 3D webscene of CERN sites.

Scenes contain official CERN 3D data such as buildings, roads, trees and DEM lines drawn in a colourful and pictorial way.

Wheelchair facilities map

Wheelchair facilities map is intended to disabled persons who wish to move around the CERN sites. Access is restricted to CERN Nice accounts.

The map lists accessible parking spaces, wheelchair accessible entrances and toilets at CERN.

The accessible paths from building 33 to 500 are mapped and downloadable in PDF.