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We cannot wait to hear about your proposition and discuss with you how CERN’s Green Village Campus could act as the project’s demonstration site. We have two modes for collaboration: partnership in a larger EU-funded Horizon Europe collaboration, or a direct 1-to-1 collaboration. In both cases, a project proposition should include a significant research & development component. Please note, that all Green Village participations must also include an IdeaSquare (student innovation training) element, as we firmly believe that sustainable innovation only takes place if we continuously increase next-generation entrepreneurial capacity.

EU Project Collaboration

Direct Collaboration

green direct collaboration

If your consortium is interested in working with CERN on the development and implementation of new Horizon Europe research projects, please let us know at green.village@cern.ch.

You will be contacted within 2 working days.

EU-Funded Projects

If your organisation is interested in using CERN as a testbed for an early-stage sustainable solution or technology, then please follow this link to the Green Village Participation Process.

You will be contacted within 1 week.

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Disseminate the Project’s Sustainability Results at CERN


CERN has huge public visibility and receives well over 100.000 visitors each year, as well as many public dignitaries from all over the world. We are even building a new visitor centre (opening foreseen in Autumn 2023) to promote CERN’s scientific achievements. CERN’s IdeaSquare also hosts many hundreds of students every year eager to learn about innovation in relation to sustainability. In cases where CERN (also) acts as the consortium’s dissemination partner, we can jointly target these visitors and students for project outreach activities. We are also ideally suited to showcase demonstration results created in Green Village to industry stakeholders, policy-makers and the wider public.







Green Village Collaboration Management

Site and Civil Engineering (SCE) department manages and develops CERN real estate assets and infrastructure in line with CERN’s scientific strategy as well as all of the services related to the operation and maintenance of the CERN site. SCE embraces CERN’s sustainability commitments and translates them into challenges to be addressed by solutions deployed on site. SCE’s vision is to create an inspiring and welcoming environment for CERN’s scientific community now and in the future.

IdeaSquare is a facility at CERN educating and training young innovators to address problems linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. IdeaSquare is the innovation space at CERN that uses collaborative methodologies, access to CERN expertise and cross-connectivity to create solutions for the future of humankind. More than 1,200 students and 200 related societal challenge-driven projects have interacted at IdeaSquare so far.

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