Restaurant 1


As of Saturday the 14th of January, 2023,, the Restaurant 1 is open everyday (7/7) from 6.30am to 9pm.
Here is the offer you will find along the day:

- Breakfast begining as of 6.30 in the morning with the regular offer in pastries, dairies, fruits and hot beverages

- Ready-made salads and sandwiches and a selection of snacking throughout the day

- Lunch with hot meals served from 11.30am to 2.15pm: four daily Menus (1, 2, vegan, speciality), selection of hot snacking (pasta, pinsa, panini), soup of the day, selection of desserts (pies, ice creams, yogourts, etc.), drinks (hot & cold)

Coffee all day long in the free-flow and in the patio toward the glass extension

- Dinner served from 6pm to 8pm: daily menus, soup of the day, selection of desserts (pies, ice creams, yogourts, etc.), drinks (hot & cold)


A heated tent is set up next to the glass extension, adding nearly two hundred seats in a quiet area, and compensating for almost all the seating place lost due to the freeflow relocation in 501/R-010 and the storage area in 501/R-005.

Please note that during certain hours, construction work may lead to sound disturbance in the restaurant rooms.

Image of the restaurant