Hotel and Apartments Rules - Code of Conduct

Welcome to CERN!

The CERN Hotel and Apartments are made available to persons visiting or working at CERN for their convenience and quiet enjoyment.

We hope your stay is pleasant and productive. For your safety and comfort, as well as that of your fellow guests, please read the following rules and comply with them throughout your stay.

Hotel and Apartments Rules - Code of conduct


  1. Guests shall acquaint themselves with the fire safety procedures and comply immediately with fire or other safety drills, alarms, and instructions;
  2. Only registered guests are permitted in the hotel, except for brief visits to common areas. No overnight visitors are permitted. People staying in the apartments shall also be registered at the signature of the sub-lease agreement contract;
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel (bedrooms and common areas) and apartments;
  4. Guests shall behave appropriately and with discretion, be respectful of the hotel and apartments` environment and staff, as well as of other guests and occupants;
  5. The quiet hours for the hotel and apartments are from 10 pm to 7 am. During this period, guests shall be particularly considerate and refrain from any conduct that could disturb others in the area. Please, therefore, from 10 pm to 7 am:
    1. ensure that all sources of noise – music, conversations, etc. – do not disturb other guests;
    2. avoid gatherings inside the hotel buildings in all areas, whether common (entrance halls, corridors, kitchens etc.) or private (bedrooms), as well as outside the hotel, beneath the windows, on the lawns, neighbouring car parks etc.;
  6. Occupants of shared bedrooms shall respect their roommates’ need for privacy;
  7. Guests shall take proper care of their personal valuables. CERN is not responsible in case of theft, loss, or damage. Items found at the hotel or in the apartments and that are handed over to staff will be kept by the CERN Housing Service for 3 months from the date of handing in, along with incoming mail at the apartments after check-out. They can only be collected at the hotel reception; nothing will be sent by post. Perishable items that are left behind or that have passed their use by date will be disposed of immediately. 


  1. Bedrooms must always be clean and tidy to facilitate the housekeepers’ work. If this is not the case, a written reminder will be issued to the occupant. CERN reserves the right to suspend cleaning services until the situation improves;
  2. The bedroom furniture shall not be moved, and nothing shall be fixed to the furniture or wall;
  3. If the fabric of the hotel or its furniture is damaged by a guest, the full cost of repairs, replacement, and/or extra cleaning will be billed to that guest, as well as any loss of revenue to the CERN Housing Service if rooms are rendered out of service because of the need to await repair;
  4. For cleanliness and hygiene reasons, storage and consumption of food is prohibited anywhere in the hotel except in the kitchens and dining areas according to the related procedures below .


CERN Housing Service provides free of charge for the exclusive use of guests, three communal kitchens, available every day of the week throughout the day with the exception of 10:30 - 11:30 while they are cleaned. All guests shall comply with the following provisions regarding use of the kitchens:

  1. All use of the communal kitchens and their equipment must be in accordance with the intended use, therefore private parties are not allowed;
  2. Guests shall respect and take care of the communal kitchen facilities such as but not limited to, furniture, kitchen appliances and kitchenware;
  3. Guests are responsible for the prompt proper cleaning and return to storage of all kitchen appliances and kitchenware that they are responsible for using;
  4. The kitchen furniture, appliances and kitchenware shall not leave the kitchen areas;
  5. Food must be stored in bags and clearly labelled with the following information, before being placed in the cupboards/fridges/freezers: name, surname, arrival and departure date of the owner of the food (which must be updated in case of modification);
  6. Any food left out or that is unlabelled or that is not stored as required will be thrown away immediately;
  7. Guests in the hotel and apartments shall respect other guests’ food and not use it or take it without permission;
  8. Before departure, all hotel and apartment guests shall empty the kitchen cupboards/fridges/freezers of their food. Should you wish to leave any food for other guests to use, please place it in the box available for this purpose.
  9. The consumption of beer and wine is tolerated with moderation, but only in the kitchens and while those consuming it are having a meal. See Occupational Circular no8.

In the event of non-compliance with these rules, access to the hotel and apartments may be reevaluated by CERN’s management, who reserve the right to temporarily or indefinitely suspend the guest’s access to the communal kitchen. Video surveillance from the overt cameras positioned around the hotel and apartments may be used to identify perpetrators.

Apartment-specific rules:

  1. Guests shall take good care of their CERN apartment and its furniture;
  2. Apartments` furniture shall not be moved, and nothing may be fixed to the furniture or the walls;
  3. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am;
  4. Do not place anything on the windows and/or the balcony edges;
  5. Do not store anything in the common areas (entrances, corridors, stairs ...) such as bicycles, scooters, strollers, etc., except in the spaces reserved for such purposes;
  6. Place garbage bags and recycling only in designated containers;
  7. Open the windows and air the apartments as regularly as possible to prevent mould. Do not obstruct the ventilation ducts and clean them at least once a month to remove dust/debris buildup that will otherwise decrease the air circulation.

It should be underlined that failure to comply with any of the rules and recommendations above can lead to sanctions, including the immediate expulsion of the offender(s) in the most serious cases. CERN reserves the right to refuse any further reservation requests from the concerned individuals, as well as guests from the same institute if the non-compliance occurred in the context of a group reservation.