CERN bike rental

1. Principle of the service

2. Conditions of use

3. Rental

4. Loss, theft and maintenance of the bycicle

5. Accidents and insurance



CERN bicycles are made available to CERN members of the personnel (MPE: employed members of the personnel, and MPA: associated members of the personnel), summer students (SUMM) and trainees (TRNE). Please refer to the list of the categories of personnel concerned; excluding all others categories and the external people.

This service is supplied by the Bike Rental Service in accordance with the respective data processing policies: please refer to the related Privacy Notice no 00128



CERN bicycles are made available to CERN members of the personnel in the framework of their activities at CERN and for professional use only.

Use of CERN bicycles for journeys between home and the CERN sites is tolerated.

The maximum duration of use is three months.

At least three days before CERN Christmas closure, all bicycles must be returned to the Mobility centre (building 130) for a maintenance service. Then they will be available after the reopening of CERN in the New Year.


e-learning module "Road Traffic: Bike Riding": The “Road Traffic: Bike Riding” e-learning module offered by the Safety Training Section of the HSE Unit is designed for anyone who uses a bike on the CERN site. It is therefore necessary to follow this course before renting a bike ( A computer is available at the Mobility centre (building 130) for this purpose.

The CERN member of the personnel must always carry:

- a valid passport or identity card (with visas if necessary)

- a valid CERN attestation issued by the Users' Office, or valid "légitimation" documents issued by the Swiss and French authorities.


3.1 How to rent

To rent a CERN bicycle, please fill in the electronic form, your CERN supervisor will be notified, approval will be requested when the rental fee and/or deposit is to be paid by a team or budget code.

Bike collection is then done at the Mobility Centre (building 6167, phone 72228).

Please note that completing the form does not reserve a bicycle in advance. Rental is subject only to availability.


3.2 Rental fees


  • For CERN members of the personnel (MPEs and MPAs)

The bicycles are free of charge except from the 1st of June until the 30th of September. During that time, a rental of 1 CHF per day will be charged and will be paid at the end of the rental period.


    • For summer students and trainees

    For the summer students (SUMM) and trainees (TRNE), this service is free of charge.


    3.3 Deposit

    A deposit is required. It can be paid via:

    • 100 CHF if paid in cash, payable directly to the Mobility Centre (building 6167). This amount will be kept in the case of theft or loss of the bicycle.
    • 400 CHF if paid via a CERN budget code or team code. A prior approval will be requested. This amount will be charged in the case of theft or loss of the bicycle.




    4.1 Loss, theft


    The member of the personnel is personally responsible for the assigned bicycle, especially in case of theft or damages. The Mobility Centre will keep the deposit paid in case of theft or loss of the bicycle, and use it to pay eventual repairs.

    In the event that a CERN bicycle is lost or stolen, the member of the personnel must follow the instructions set out in the document "Compulsory declaration of the disappearance, loss or theft of property and a serious incidents" (CERN/DG-RH/17306, updated on 27 avril 2014). The loss or theft of an item of property must be declared immediately via the Service Portal or the Service Desk (Meyrin site, Building 55, tel.: 77777, open on weekdays from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.,


    4.2 Damages


    The CERN members of the personnel must take every precaution to ensure that CERN bicycles are not damaged, or otherwise mistreated. Bicycles must not be used for purposes they were not designed for.

    Should there be damages to the bicycle, the following cost of repairs will be charged as per the listed spare parts listed here


    4.3 Repairs during the rental



    For repairs, please contact the CERN garage (phone 72042), building 130.



    For more information: