• It will offer CERN’s collaborators and researchers multifunctional and scalable office and laboratory space, and modern spaces for meetings, teaching and breakout (cafeteria). 
  • It is envisaged that the building will be constructed into two distinct parts.
  • The integration of the building into the existing building complex should be the object of a high quality urban and landscape reflection, based on the successful revaluation of the exterior spaces and green areas, while promoting soft mobility.
  • It will integrate an innovative approach to sustainable development, meeting technical and ecological standards as well as the requirements of flexibility and long-term maintenance.
  • It will be placed in the Meyrin site (CH).
  • Total gross area of approximately 15,300 m2.
  • Beneficial occupancy: 2027 (phase 1).

New building 140 and two phases location in the core of CERN’s Meyrin site