CERN is partnering with 2 carpooling solutions:

Everyday actions add up to a big difference: think about carpooling!



Since January 2024, CERN has been partnering with Hé!Léman for a new carpooling solution for people living between Belgarde and Divonne.

This solution is a type of "fixed line" with physical stops where people can wait and register their journeys. Free for the passengers, the drivers are remunerated for registering their journeys even if no passenger shows up.

The amount going to the drivers' pockets increases as the number of passengers increases! 

Learn more by clicking HERE.

How to register to the Hé!Léman platform:

Users' app : Hé!Léman App

Create an account and select the Pays de Gex.

Login data: to create yourself.

- Drivers` platform opens on the 12th of February. Get used to the platform and register every day to start earning and showing the transports available.

- Passengers` platform opens on the 15th of March and can start using the free service!



Since June 2023, CERN has been partnering with Mov'ici, a car-sharing platform provided by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region that is also available free of charge in French-speaking Switzerland.



How to register to the platform:

Users' app or Web interface

Create an account selecting the "CERN community"

Login data: to create yourself



In case of issues or questions for any of the above:

Contact the Mobility Centre Via Ticket:

Contact the Mobility Centre Via E-mail:

Phone: (+41) 022 767 22 28

Have a safe drive! 

CERN Mobility Centre