• The Group Site Asset Management (SAM) is formed of personnel with core civil engineering competencies to plan, design, and execute the site's maintenance and operation, and to support construction projects executed by internal resources and running service contracts. Stability in personnel composition and competencies is key in this domain of activity.


  • The scope of the SAM projects covers all CE trades: structural analysis, metallic structures, building shell, architectural, landscaping, roads, sewage, infrastructures such as HVAC, fluids, electricity, urban planning, management of building permits, geographic and infrastructure information, integration and costing. Thus, an important objective of this group is to maintain and further develop civil engineering core competencies at CERN. The Group is divided in three organic sections with well-defined points of entry for key areas.



  • The Group is responsible for:
    • Monitoring the condition of current buildings and infrastructure on campus, and conducting relevant renovation and consolidation projects which include all phases from feasibility study, preliminary design to construction management and hand-over of complete structures and infrastructures.
    • Providing drawing office support (design, drafting, calculations) to the Department's activities, keeping up to date and maintain the CERN GIS system, providing geographical information and topography services, managing administrative processes related to this territory.
    • Planning and implementation of maintenance measures and the study and early support of user-initiated construction projects, and often supervising the execution of mid-size construction projects fully managed within the Department. 



Group leader Pierre CARDON
Deputy group leader Michael POEHLER


Section Section leader Deputy Section leader
Technical office and Geomatics (SCE-SAM-TG) Michael POEHLER Youri ROBERT
Civil Engineering (SCE-SAM-CE) Pierre CARDON  
Infrastructure (SCE-SAM-IN) Christophe MARTEL Guillaume ROUGE