The PCC turns fiery colours




The PCC (775) project is continuing its course on track towards a delivery before Christmas 2023.

The building’s construction and all minor civil works are completed except final surface external works including execution of pavements, grassed and outdoor area’s finishes. Pedestrian paths will be provided in the periphery of the building (note the stone has been rotated with the formulae facing outward). The main façade cladding is completed, currently the entrance’s gold cassettes cladding is being erected. Final painting touches and finishing repairs inside the building are also being performed.

The installation of all ventilation, cooling, mechanical and electrical networks is completed as well as process equipment and all IT racks ready to host the servers.

The impressive two top floor’s IT equipped rooms are worth the sight.  The testing and commissioning of the main cooling, ventilation, electrical, fire detection and technical supervision systems is 80% completed. The final integrated IT tests using load banks and then servers (installed by CERN) are due to begin in Oct-23.

The project team composed of IT and SCE is mobilized with the Contractor EQUANS and the Engineer EGIS to deliver a fully functioning Datacentre for CERN with the highest environmental, performance and quality standards.