Strengthening the security policy at all CERN sites




Since end of 2017, CERN has invested on the improvement of site security and the Security Service is fully committed in reassessing its policy to provide continued efficiency enhancements. Following up on the conclusions of the 2022 Security Audit, SCE department is setting up a CERN wide Security Risk Register to evaluate areas or asset which are mission-critical to each Department and push its Security action-plan forward.

All CERN sites count many installations with various purposes, occupation, and usages (offices, facilities, production plants, technical buildings, storages…). To visually identify buildings and areas at risk, evaluate risks, organize/adapt guard patrols and plan investments and security work, the Security Service is organising a collaborative review and mapping of the site.

Thanks to the support of identified key persons helping with the collection of data, each building and installation will be analysed according to well-defined criteria, and information will be reviewed annually or after each security incident.