CERN inter-site shuttle service
CERN inter-site shuttle service (Image: CERN)










The Site and Supply Chain Group (SCE-SSC) provides the CERN community with high standard campus experience and optimal supply chain execution by offering the following rationalized, efficient, and transparent services:

  • Campus Services
    • Person mobility: mobility center, shuttle busses, cars, bicycles
    • Housing: managing CERN's hotel, CERN apartments, foyer Schumann's reservations; contacts with private local market
    • Catering: restaurants, cafeterias, vending machines
    • Cleaning & waste management in surface buildings and undergrounds premises, Special waste
  • Logistics
    • Shipping: goods transport organization
    • Goods and material logistic flow including goods reception, internal distribution and internal removals
    • Mail distribution: diplomatic mail, inbound, outbound and intra flows
    • Storage of accelerator equipment
    • VAT, fiscal, customs, export control advisory
    • Installation: removals, special car plates, diplomatic privileges
  • Supply Chain
    • CERN stores warehousing operations including central stores, raw material workshop inbound and outbound
    • Standardization of materials
    • Replenishment of standard materials




Group leader Cédric GARINO
Deputy group leader Laetitia LEJEUNE


Section Section leader Deputy section leader
Campus Services (SCE-SSC-CS) Laetitia LEJEUNE Gilles BOLLINGER
Logistics (SCE-SSC-LS) Patrick MUFFAT Claudia BRUGGMANN
Supply Chain (SCE-SSC-SC) David CHALLOIN Magdolna PIERRE