Electronic equipment and computer hardware

To get a red container, dedicated to computer hardware, or a blue container, dedicated to electronic equipment, please make a transport request in EDH (category = internal transport, from = Building 133).

For small quantities, you can also bring the equipment by yourself, directly to Building 133.


  • Red containers for computer hardware have to be used for screens, keyboards, PC towers, printers, empty hard disks (to be cleared up by the IT Support service) and TVs ONLY! No paperboard, no paper, no plastic foam, etc.!

Attention! Toner cartridges for printers are recyclable. They must be sent to the Reception desk in Meyrin (Building 194), via a transport request in EDH.

More information on the KB0000813 or here


  • Blue containers for electronic equipment have to be used for electronic cards, electronic equipment with chassis ONLY! No cable, no paperboard, no plastic foam, no various metal scrap, etc.!

For electronic racks, please create an Internal Transport request in EDH and send them to the Recuperation & Sales service (Building 133).


Evacuation requests for electronic equipment and computer hardware must be made by creating a Transport request in EDH (to = Building 133).

Please do not fill the containers too much.

Please do not keep the containers more than one week long.

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For computer hardware For the electronic equipment


All containers must be sent back to the Recuperation & Sales service by making an internal transport request in EDH addressed to the Recuperation and Sales of the FAP Department (building 133).


Contact :

Service Vente et récupération


CH-1211 Genève 23, Switzerland

Tel : +41(22)767 57 82

GSM : +41 75 411 28 95