CERN’s Mobility center offers CERN’s community mobility services to move in the campus and in between CERN’s sites and launches initiatives to develop a sustainable mobility strategy for CERN.

The Mobility center is in B6167, near CERN’s entrance A.

The Mobility center incorporates the CERN bike and car rental services, the self-service car-sharing, E-mobility (e-bikes, e-scooters and connected bikes), car rental for long-distance journeys, manages CERN’s shuttles and on-demand solutions. The services also supports users with the car plates documentation process, and provides information on mobility.


Mobility center (B6167) opening Hours

  • Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, non-stop.




CERN vehicles are made available to members of the CERN personnel[1] and contractors' personnel in the framework of their activities at CERN and for professional use only. 

Bike Rental

Get to know how can you access CERN by bike, rent a CERN bike and many more.

Shuttle and public transportation

CERN provides a shuttle service to travel around CERN sites and you can also check out how to access CERN by public transport