Transport of dangerous goods

Since the 27th of April 2015, CERN has started to apply ADR regulations for all internal transport of dangerous goods.

For more information:

Each item and the type of packaging used must be identified (UN number + packaging used). It is the responsibility of the shipper, that is to say the user, to provide this information.


By Internal transport the following is implied:



Building Meyrin Building Meyrin
Building Prévessin Building Prévessin
Building Meyrin Building Prévessin
Building Meyrin / Prévessin Points 1 - 8
Points 1 - 8 Building Meyrin / Prévessin
CERN Stores Your building
Building Meyrin / Prévessin Destination outside CERN, transit via reception Meyrin or Prévessin



Internal transport is under the responsibility of:

Person giving the order














Principal obligations for the person requesting transport of dangerous goods


To transport dangerous goods internally at CERN, a Document/SupplyChain/SIT must be completed in EDH, the option "danger chimique" must be chosen in the field marked "Dangers". The UN number must be included in the EDH document.

The security sheet for the product must be attached to the EDH document. For orders from the CERN stores, the sceurity sheet is available in the catalogue, It can be found with the SCEM number (details available below).



Chemical products have to be packed correctly. For more infirmation, please contact Mr. Franck Daclin or Mrs Claudia Bruggmann Furlan.


Who are the contacts, where can I find the security sheet and what documents do I need for my transport?



  • For questions related to the identification of unknown chemical including special waste : HSE – Iqra Shahzadi or Jonathan Gulley
  • For questions related to packing and labeling of dangerous goods including special waste: HSE – Iqra Shahzadi or Jonathan Gulley
  • For questions related to internal or external transport CERN : please create a request or a support ticket using the Service-Now portal

It is also possible to contact our security advisor, Mr. Nathanael Padioleau ( or create a request/ticket using the Service Portal.

Security sheet

For the chemical products bought via the CERN stores

For all chemical bought via the CERN stores, the security sheets are available in the catalogue:


For the chemical products bought from a supplier

For all chemical products bought from a supplier, it is the supplier's responsability to provide the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

"A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a document that provides health and safety information about products, substances or chemicals that are classified as hazardous substances or dangerous goods. MSDS's provide information on the manufacturer or importing supplier."

Below you will find an example of a safety sheet. Section 14 gives all the relevant information for transport, the UN / ONU number can be found here: