The security management team oversees all matters relating to security, access authorisation, interactions with other services (Relations with the Host States Service, Protocol Office, Mobility Centre, TSOs, etc.) and supervises contractors’ personnel responsible for security, registration, management of keys and access control.

The service is also responsible for managing all requests for research from authorised persons (legal department, department, relations with host States, internal audit, radiation protection, human resources, etc.).

In addition, the service follows up on all reports of theft or incidents to try to identify the perpetrators, understand the process and put in place human, material or organisational means to prevent their recurrence.

In the same way, the service is involved early on in the design of all new buildings or major renovations in order to define, by means of analysis grids, the security measures adapted to the risks and the purpose of the building.

Finally, the service responds to requests from users for all security-related requests, questions relating to specific problems, or reports of incidents or inappropriate behaviour.

It is also responsible for suggesting improvements to the security system and operational relations with the Swiss and French police forces. 


Organisational structure:

Didier CONSTANT Head of the Security Service +41 22 767 33 33
Hubert MONTANÉ Deputy Head of the Security Service +41 22 766 31 66
Floriane PANIGONI Video Analyst +41 22 766 25 11

E-mail (generic address for the service):