The mandate of the Green Spaces & Biodiversity Service is to provide a range of services that contribute to a better CERN campus:

  • Improving the environment of CERN  and the site's biodiversity
  • Preserving and enhancing CERN's natural, agricultural and forestry areas
  • Developing and maintaining green, multifunctional infrastructure for integration and promotion of biodiversity, adapting to CERN's site development context.


Its activities include:

  • Maintenance of green spaces on fenced sites (100 Ha), cleaning of roads (50Ha), and fences (22 km)
  • Management of CERN woods and forests (136 Ha)
  • Maintenance of the banks of the waterways on the CERN territory
  • Management, conservation and improvement of flora, fauna and the natural heritage of CERN
  • Management of agricultural plots leased to farmers (258 Ha)
  • Integration of green spaces and biodiversity into civil engineering development projects and soft mobility initiatives.


Contact: Mathieu Fontaine