Security - Good practices

Traffic regulations at CERN

The French and Swiss highway code applies on the French and Swiss CERN domain. 

The speed limit is 50 km/h. Pedagogical speed radars are deployed in the most accident-prone areas of the domain. 


Permanent badge wearing

All persons on the CERN site must wear an access badge or visitor's card in a visible and permanent place. 

Visible wearing of a badge


Evacuation plan

In the event of a threat, the partial or total evacuation plan of the CERN domain can be activated. 

You must follow the instructions given to you without delay. 


Unattended luggage

Do not leave your luggage unattended. Abandoned luggage may result in evacuation of the building and may be destroyed without notice. If you discover an abandoned bag, do not touch it and call the CSA at 76666.


Reporting suspicious behaviour

If you witness:

  • a person behaving suspiciously
  • damage done to equipment or a vehicle without leaving contact details
  • incivility towards people

Quickly contact 76666 (24-hour control room)