Cleaning Service



This service provides the entire CERN community with:

  • standard cleaning services that are covered by the SCE department’s central budget;
  • on-request services that are charged to the requester’s budget code.


The standard services include:

  • cleaning all “surface” buildings and their surrounding areas;
  • cleaning certain “machine” buildings, their surrounding areas and all accessible radiation areas, including while the accelerators are running (toilets, changing rooms, workshops, etc.);
  • managing and supplying sanitary equipment (dispensers etc.) and refilling consumables (soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.) in surface and machine buildings;
  • collecting, washing, repairing and distributing CERN workwear (for the Fire and Rescue service, Medical Service, etc.);
  • cleaning the restaurant terraces in summer.


The standard services do not include:

  • any cleaning request during machine shutdown periods in the tunnels, accelerator areas or work sectors in radiation areas where the contamination risk exceeds 1 Bq/cm2;
  • technical rooms whose cleaning is the responsibility of the maintenance contractor concerned;
  • computing, electronic, medical and other fragile equipment;
  • machine tools and miscellaneous machining equipment;
  • restaurant and cafeteria furniture.


The following items are also not covered by standard cleaning services:

  • scrap metal containers;
  • terminal and PC screens and keyboards;
  • technical and experiment equipment;
  • office and experiment accessories;
  • anti-slip mats for machine tools and metal grating;
  • workbenches;
  • electrical cabinets and emergency stop systems;
  • shelves and cupboards for storing equipment;
  • plants and personal items;
  • blinds.



A laundry service collects, washes, repairs and redistributes workwear (trousers, jackets, overalls, coveralls, bedding from the crèche) that has been bought from the CERN stores in Building 73-R-002. Workwear bought from the CERN stores is tagged so that the laundry service can identify where it has come from.
Workwear can be dropped off and collected from the laundry service every other Thursday according to the calendar on the webpage KB0000950.



Services included



  • A cleaning schedule is displayed at the entrance to every building, indicating the day(s) when the cleaning service cleans the building.
  • This generally happens outside CERN working hours.


Services delivered

  • TOILETS: Cleaning, refilling everyday consumables (schedule displayed at the toilet entrance).



HORIZONTAL SURFACES: Dusting and, if necessary, removal of marks from the main empty surfaces.
FLOORS: Vacuum-cleaning or washing of floors once per week.
RUBBISH BINS: Emptied once per week.


  • WINDOW CLEANING: Windows will be cleaned between 15 May and 30 September. This entails cleaning the windowpanes and frames (both sides unless specified otherwise), including moving and putting back documents, plants and objects on windowsills and protecting objects from potential water damage.


On-request services

All cleaning services that are not included in the standard services must be charged to a budget code. To request such a service, complete the Request for cleaning intervention (a budget code and reason are required).

For any additional information, contact the Service Desk.