B73: a services building being renovated




Building 73, constructed in 1968, houses many services managed by SCE for the CERN community: Shipping, Installation, Logistics, CERN Stores, Campus Services such as Catering, Cleaning, Waste Management, Mobility, Housing... and CERN’s Service Portal.

Its refurbishment was necessary to optimize space and improve safety, working and reception conditions to welcome the community.

The renovation includes an overall upgrading of the four-floor building. The second floor is about to be completed in the coming weeks. Just-started works on the third floor will be completed in July 2024, ahead of the initial schedule thanks to the early release of offices by SCE-SSC.

SCE is currently working on the integration of signage, which will be a crucial element for the numerous visitors received in the building.

This project, designed internally by SCE teams, is part of our vision for space management aiming to create a modernized, welcoming and collaborative work environment.