SCE-SAM reaps the benefits of its commitment to the ESTP Forum.


ESTP Forum


As announced during the SCE Plenary meeting last Friday 2 February, members of the SAM group led a very successful sourcing campaign when participating in the ESTP Forum in Paris.
Pierre Cardon, Alex Martinez and Mehdi Lamrani conducted 60 interviews with very promising youngsters in the construction field and recruited 6 of them to contribute to the group's work as trainees.
The first of these new recruits, Paul Gendron, arrived this week in SAM-IN. He will be followed by Mohamed Anouard (SAM-CE), William Latapie (SAM-TG), Clement Morselli (SAM-TG), Maxime Rouvelin (SAM-CE) et Camille Sortambosc (SAM-TG) as of 1 March. 
SCE is delighted to welcome these new bright brains!