Updates on the B777




B777 consultant’s IT contract was awarded early May-23. Since then, a consortium of Danish and French architect and engineering firms are developing the concept design, freezing the overall geometry of the building. Many discussions occur at present time on architectural technical aspects including high level civil, mechanical, electrical strategies and clarifying interfaces with CERN’s infrastructures. The overall building’s geometry, initial layouts of the restaurant, laboratories on the ground floor level as well as the upper floor’s offices areas have been defined conceptually.

A preliminary design was submitted by the Consultant end of July-23 to CERN for review. The review of early drawings and reports by the CERN’s experts across the transverse technical services and departments under SCE coordination is almost completed. The next phase of design will aim to go into more detail and develop the concept towards a detailed construction design. Longer term objectives include a start works mid 2025 for a delivery early 2027.

Building 777 aims to develop an architectural quality that surpasses the existing feel of an industrial and laboratory site. We aim to construct an environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art building. The project will provide new offices, laboratory spaces and meeting rooms for Accelerator & Technology Sector (ATS) and build a new restaurant 3 to serve the entire Prevessin Site. The team will work to create a building in which CERN staff and users truly feel at home and happy to work.